True Design Homes

Build Process

Building with True Design Homes
Here at true design homes, we work in a partnership with our clients.
We understand that building your new home will be one of the largest investments you make and we are dedicated to making your building experience a smooth and easy process.
Let us guide you through the steps of building your new dream home.


The First stage of our journey together is the Pre-Administration stage.
We will work with you to choose a standard or custom plan with any modifications you would like.
We will walk you through choosing the best layout for your block and budget.

First we work together on deciding the Orientation and layout of your home on the block of land chosen. This also includes planning around developer guidelines, rescode requirements and property easements.
In this stage an Initial Deposit is made so we can begin organising Approvals and Permits for the construction.


From here we go to the Administration Stage

After Receiving a Soil and Feature Report we will Issue a Formal Site Costing and Building Quotation.

The Administration stage is when our Approvals and Permits are obtained and Finance is Organised
This includes the Building Permit, Energy efficiency certification, Warranty and Insurance, Flood Level Approval, Plumbing industry consent, Infrastructure levy, Planning Permit, Septic tank approval, Developer Approval and Consent to any Rescode Variations.

Next we will submit to you a New Homes Contract that will include the Home specifications and Contract Drawings.
At this point we will meet with you to select the Wall Colours, Brickwork, Roofing, Carpets, tiles, Cabinet colours and finishes as well as door and cupboard Hardware.

The next stage is the Construction Stage
This stage is divided into 5 steps

- Base

Concrete Slab or Foundation Stumps are laid

- Frame
The house frame and roof trusses are assembled on the base

- Lockup
External Cladding, Roof, windows and external doors are fixed and the flooring laid.

- Fixing
All internal lining, architraves, skirting, doors, basins, baths, cabinets are fitted. Plumbing and electrical are roughed in.

- Completion
Painting, Tiling and carpeting, Plumbing and electrical fittings and kitchen appliances installed.

At this point in the process, you are taken to inspect your new home and we hand over the keys to you.


Once you are happily settled into your new home our maintenance professionals will come after 3 months of the handover to make any modifications to any issues that may have arrised in the house settling.